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In-Fisherman Magazine is known mainly for the extensive information it provides on many different species of fish. In-Fisherman magazine also includes equipment reviews, fishing advice and secrets from professional fisherman, and information about popular and local fishing locations in the United States.

Readers of In-Fisherman magazine are treated to information about countless species of fish. The magazines writers provide information about bass, walleye, catfish, panfish, pike, muskie, trout, salmon, and many other species. Readers find out where they can catch these fish and what they will need to bring in order to be successful.

The equipment reviews contained in In-Fisherman are widely respected. Each issue reviews tons of lures and poles for those fishing in different locations or for different types of fish. Also included are reviews about accessories like rain gear, electronic equipment, and tackle bags. Some of the gear articles are strictly informative, like one titled The Fishing Line Evolution that chronicles changes that have been in motion since the 1970s.

In-Fisherman magazine is known well for the fishing secrets and advice contained in each issue. Its expert writers go into detail about different fishing techniques and specific types of fishing that readers may not have tried before. One article talks about the equipment and know-how that is needed before one can go on a successful ice fishing trip. In-Fisherman is also known for articles like the one titled 10 Best Bass Fishing States in America that let readers know about the best places to fish.

A subscription to In-Fisherman magazine makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys fishing and could benefit from a wealth of information on the sport. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to In-Fisherman.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars based on 9 reviews
Review Title: Great mag
Reviewed By: Fisher

really useful but would not article that are in the AZ region. we dont have ice fishing here or musky. and the walleye are rare. we dont have any generator plants either. but i enjoy the reading.

Review Title: Great mag
Reviewed By: Mickey

The articles are current for the time of year and are filled with many useful tips that I have found to work on my local lake. It is one of the best fishing magazines on the market and a good value for the money.

Review Title: In-Fisherman
Reviewed By: Griller

I have been reading this a long time. All issues cover multiple species of fish. Also features on new fishing equipment. They also feature specie specific books,DVDs,and annual guides. etc. The website with books etc. is called intermediaoutdoors.

Review Title: In-Fisherman
Reviewed By: Jeremiah

Great Fishing magazine-Love it!

Review Title: Information
Reviewed By: Tom

only fish fresh water once in awhile but with all of the info in in fisherman mag im pretty confident I can catch my share of freshwater fish

Review Title: Gotta Have It!
Reviewed By: Gilby

This magazine will always be coming to my door. I let it slide for a couple years and that was a big mistake. In-fisherman is on the cutting edge of products, refined techniques and new techniques to put more and bigger fish in your boat! 5 Stars

Review Title: Classroom Use
Reviewed By: Mrs. Jeffers

This is used for classroom reading. It allows the students to decompress and read something they find enjoyable.

Review Title: Thank You!
Reviewed By: Scott

thanks to an article published in your magazine by Al and Doug, we have been fishing in Walleye Heaven for 20 years this May.Weve taken our fathers; some have passed now, our sons, and on summer trips, our families.Lac Seul Outpost, which is drivable, owned and operated by Ken and Brenda Robbins, is a fishing paradise.We wouldnt have found them without In Fisherman Magazine. Thanks for sharing one of your secrets and for all the wonderful memories we have and continue to create. Scott F. Ellard, DDS MBA

Review Title: Great Magazine!
Reviewed By: Tbone

I have been an IN-FISHERMAN subscriber for a short time, but already realize that this magazine is the epitome of all fishing magazines! If one wants real information about techniques and lures that really work, then this is the magazine for you! Great information from real fishermen is what sets this magazine above the rest.

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